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"Hall took up a cornet for the crowd-pleasing showpiece, Arban’s Variations on “The Carnival of Venice.” She soared through hurdles such as trills, chromatic scales and leaps with dazzling virtuosity, sometimes interrupted by cheers from the audience. Her final variation was an impressive feat of filigree played simultaneously with the melody.”

​The Cincinnati Inquirer


“Finally, French composer Claude Bolling’s 1981 “Toot Suite” was a broach of four lovely jewels. The highlight of this piece, and the concert, was the amazingly clear, fast, fluid, light, playful, lyrical and precise trumpet playing of Ashley Hall.”

Rochester Post-Bulletin


“The magic continued as Ashley Hall, the featured trumpet soloist, took center stage. She is, without a doubt, one of the most gifted musicians who I have ever had the privilege to hear. She is an attractive young woman with excellent stage presence, who obviously loves every minute of the performance experience.”

Lima News


"Hall’s clear and concise comments before each unique piece were as captivating as the energetic joy she radiated while playing them.”

Rochester Post Bulletin



Study with Ashley at The Longy School of Music

How might your music be a powerful catalyst for social change?  



February 8, 2020; 7pm

Solo Trumpet Recital with Sarah Bob, Piano

Kendal at Hanover, New Hampshire



March 1, 2020; 7pm

Trumpet Fest, Bridgewater State University

New England Brass Band, soloist




March 17, 2020; 7:30pm

Fifth Bridge@Virginia Tech



March 18, 2020; 10:30am

Solo Trumpet Educational Concert

Blacksburg, VA

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